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Hi everyone! As you may remember, one month ago Emily was in Cannes with Biotherm for Biotherm Healing Summit. In that occasion, she was interviewed by German Cosmopolitan magazine. The following interview is translated in English by me. Enjoy!


COSMOPOLITAN: Your skin is super pure. What do you do when a pimple announces itself?

EMILY: As hard as it is for me, I try to keep my hands off it. I don’t put any products on it. Neither cream or serum and certainly no makeup. In my experience, it heals the fastest way. I generally believe that less is more.


What’s your perfect model-skin routine?

Many will find this strange but I never wash my face in the morning, for example. We are always told we need to clean, clean, clean. But that deprives the skin of its natural oils and I think that’s not good. Therefore, I start right after getting up with the “Life Plankton Essence”, let it absorb and then apply the “Aquasource Gel” (both from Biotherm). I do the same thing in the evening. Sometimes I add eye cream. But that is already the highest of feelings. I don’t like layering a lot and I believe in a healthy lifestyle.


On your Instagram account, you also like to show yourself with a glass of wine during the day…

Of course, I love wine! It’s all a matter of balance. In the past, I really tried every diet in the world, I was a vegetarian and even lived vegan for a while. Today, I have a healthy diet but still treat myself now and then to something I really like. For example, my husband and I love going out on a Saturday night and drinking a good bottle of red wine. However, both of us are back in the gym the next evening.


Do you work out a lot?

Yes, almost every day. I grew up doing sports. At school I played basketball, football and lacrosse. Today I walk and do weight training about four times a week. I love lifting heavy weights. Then I feel really strong. And I do yoga, preferably at my house. Even on vacation I’m athletic: in the Summer I go surfing and skiing in Winter.


And if you don’t feel like it?

That’s actually not possible. It’s totally crazy and maybe it’s because also my husband is very active but a day is not complete for me if I didn’t do any sports. This is the first thing I do after getting up in the morning. Even on the weekend my husband and I get up and either do a spinning class or go to the gym.


How do you relax?

I take a hot shower and then throw myself in my pajamas. I love pajamas! Then I put on a mask and watch Reality TV. I’m totally crazy about “The Real Housewives”, I can watch that all day long.


Your top 3 beauty products?

Coconut oil from the supermarket, I use that for my face, my body and my hair. Then the “Life Plankton Essence” from Biotherm, for me one of the best products ever. And mascara. I don’t use much make-up but I need to have fluff eyelashes.